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What is the game's native resolution? I'm guessing 640x480 from some of the artwork.

Trying to assess feasibility of putting this in a CRT cab.

Dunno if this helps. But it's what I could find. 

Link - If you want to read more.

Thanks! Later in that post they say they stuck with 320x240, which would be perfect. Eager to see how this will look on a CRT. Had my eye on this game for just that reason.

Hi, the native Resolution is 426x240. This is because that we decided to choose a 16:9 aspect ratio so it scales up nicely with most modern resolutions without destroying the pixel art or introduce blurriness.

I guess that might be a problem putting it in a CRT cab, right? Do you have any suggestions we can do, so this becomes possible?

I think I can do 448x240, so I can just center the game in that space. Then I may need to make analog CRT adjustments to fine tune.

400x256 is available too, but shaving 13px off each side might be too much

does the game come with a Steam Key?

Hi, yes, if you purchase on you'll also get a steam key. But remember that at the moment you can only pre-purchase it. So you will not receive the steam key yet, but of course you'll get everything on release day. We also will provide an early-access build that contains the first world soon for all people who pre-purchased it.