Created for Ludum Dare 44 by Jochen Heizmann/Asylum Square.

Enter the TIMEZONE, where everything is paid with your life.

How to play?

Arrow Keys Left/Right: Move left/right
Arrow Keys: Up: Jump
X: Shoot

Try to reach the exit before your life counter reaches zero. You can earn valuable time by collecting Life Capsules. When you destroy an enemy they will drop Life Capsules. But careful: Each shoot costs you time.

Ludum Dare Entry Page:


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Nice! One issue I found was that sometimes your shots would stop short if your back was to a wall

Thanks. Can confirm this bug, will fix this as soon as possible.

This screams Downwell all over the place :)

You should add a link to your LDJam entry page or even add the ludum dare tag on It's hard to impossible to find your game their otherwise.

Done :) Thanks for the tip.